Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knitting For The Pink Slipper Project

This weekend I came across a big bag of yarn that I had packed away. I like to knit now and then and had quite a stash. I am by no means a pro when it comes to knitting, but I got to thinking what could I make with all this yarn. First thing that popped into my head was The Pink Slipper Project. I should be able to handle something easy, so I just started knitting and came up with these. They are so soft and comfortable. I think they turned out pretty cute! If you want to know more about The Pink Slipper Project just click the link above and see how you can help.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday March 26th 2010 as we present Scented Delights.

Scented DelightsAt the end of a busy day, there is nothing more relaxing than surrounding yourself with delightful scents. Lavender, honeysuckle,
rose, vanilla. Even the sound of their names is somehow soothing. The actual fragrances are healing to my body and my soul. Whether they're captured in pillows, sachets, soaps, or candles, they are luxuries I wouldn't want to live without.

One of my favorite scents has always been lavender. It's a fragrance that does more than relax me – lavender buds have some healing properties too. When my muscles ache at the end of a long day, a lavender-filled hot-cold pack helps relieve them. Or, you can try lavender buds in an eye mask to refresh your tired eyes. Patricia RoseIf you want to infuse a room with a refreshing scent, there is lavender oil. In a sachet tucked into your nightgown drawer or bedside table, lavender helps deliver sweet dreams.

Scented, hand-poured soaps are luxurious, and an affordable way to give yourself a regal treat. Mandarin orange, strawberries and champagne, even Lily of the valley. You're sure to find your favorite scent hand-made into an exquisite shape, with ingredients that are nourishing for your skin. At the end of a day, these delightful scents will transform your bath into a true getaway. They're an affordable luxury I make sure I always keep on hand.

Savon MarieThe right scents can help you create the mood you want, as well. When you need some more energy to keep going, a spicy scented candle can be the perfect pick me up. To set a cozy atmosphere for friends, a cookie scented candle in the kitchen, or some potpourri simmering on the stove. Before you go to bed at night, Rose hip and jasmine, a relaxing scent that can help you unwind.

Luxury doesn't need to be expensive. With scented delights like these, you can always give yourself the treat you deserve.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Shop Til Your Heart's Content" Red Raffle Winner

Tres Belle Boutique held a "Shop Til Your Heart's Content" fundraiser on Friday, February 5th National Wear Red Day. We wanted to help bring awareness to women's heart disease while raising money to donate to Centegra's Cardiac Care Fund. I just wanted to thank everyone that participated in our Red Raffle. The winner was Erin, one of my favorite customers. Congratulations Erin and thank you for coming and supporting a great cause.

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