Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Touch of French

In an age when newer, bigger, shinier, and disposable became the buzz words of style, we rebelled. We kept a touch of French without even knowing it.

We enjoy tea and croissants with friends, even if the china cup and dessert plates don't match. We treasure the cupboard with chippy paint wonder in whose kitchen it stood before it became ours. Our collection of antique rose painting grace our mantle, the sizes and colors are not perfectly matched but each is a quality painting. The silver trophy cup whose engraved name we don't recognize is the perfect vase for fresh flowers, ever present in our homes. Slipcovered sofas beg us to sit for a while, to relax, to enjoy a moment of life.

The French decorating style embraces history. Decorating in not an act; it is way of life. Collections of tiny bits and pieces found at flea markets are proudly displayed. Leather books are stacked next to ancient religious figures on hand painted tables. Rugs under our feet are threadbare, worn by the footsteps of many, and still worthy to be used for many more years. A large chandelier, dripping with antique crystals hangs above a warm wooden table, the crystals caching the sunlight and sending it to every corner.

Truly the French style becomes a search through flea markets as well as the top notch antique stores, The rule of French is easy; if you love it, it will work. All the colors blend. Pinks greens, and aquas are gorgeous on white. Yellows, turquoise, and reds pop on black. All can be used in the same floor, blending the rooms seamlessly as you wonder about , you eyes landing on each treasure.

Fabrics play a big role in French decoration. Toile pillows, velvet curtains, knitted throws, brocade upholstered chairs dripping with passementerie, and needlepoint footstools all work well in the sitting. French linens piled on the with a bed in all shades of white, ivory, and flax, feel softer with each washing. The damask tablecloths on the dining table have been passed from generation to generation, kept pristine first by a French laundress and now by our own loving hands, saving it for the next generation.

Living with a touch of French is as easy as displaying our family's history or the history of some unknown family. A style that welcomes us home. A respite from a hectic world.

Guest Writer:Sharon Wollman - C'est Chouette Home

Photo Contribution 1: Tres Belle Boutique | Photo Contribution 2: Rose Blossom Cottage | Photo Contribution 3: French Charmed

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

I just think these bunnies are so adorable! They look so soft and spring like I am sure Spring and warmer weather can not be very far behind. I wanted to share them with you to brighten your week a bit.


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